kaleenakatt (kaleenakatt) wrote in show_your_pets,

Newbie here!

I am new to this live journal thing ...and I must join this!!!!
I have enough pets to open a pet store!
My children include:
1 french lop bunny she is 4 yrs old and her name is Sophie
4 cats: Cleo is a female tortie who is 8 yrs old, Mulder is a male tabby who is 6yrs old, Buttons is a female long hair who is 6 yrs old and Ginger is a female domestic who is 9 yrs old.
1 african darwf fron named Froggie Augie who is about 4 months old (raised him from a tad)
1 large Oscar named Juliette- she killed Romeo :-(
1 full grown Jack Dempsy named Spike
1 clown kinfe, 1 pleco, 1 crawfish, 4 angels, 2 silver dollars, 1 green scat, 1 Dragon fish, 3 male bettas and 2 females, 1 spotted Raphel catfish, 2 comets,one rosey feeder fish (my husband "saved it's life from a pet store", 3 red swordtails, 2 mickey mouse platys, 2 yellow platys, 2 sunburst platys, 2 salt & pepper platys, 2 ivory snails, and 2 new baby platy fry (born yesterday)!!!
If someone who help me out on how to post pics on here I would love to put them up here :-)
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